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Affordable Dental Care Costs in the Renton, WA Area

At Valley Smiles in the Renton, Washington area, we know that many patients avoid seeing a dentist when they should because of their fear of dental care costs. In reality, avoiding the dentist ends up costing them much more in the long run. To avoid this concern, we have provided some of the information about our financial policies and insurance. If you have any remaining questions about our financial policies, you can ask our front desk when you come to your visit or call us ahead of time.

dentist going over policy

Financial Policy

We always strive to provide our dental patients with an accurate pre-treatment estimate for dental care costs. We want you to understand the financial impact of our work ahead of time. However, patients are ultimately responsible for understanding the limitations of their insurance coverage. We may not have access to many factors that could affect your coverage. For instance, dental care at other facilities may impact your insurance provider’s willingness to cover a particular treatment. So, make sure to keep us up to date. Here are a few important pieces of information about our financial policy.

  • We require complete payment from the patient at the time of service
  • Our office takes payment in the form of cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Care Credit
  • We offer a 5% discount for any out of pocket payments
  • We also offer payment plans for select cash-paying patients
man sitting at dentist chair

Insurance Providers That Are Accepted at Valley Smiles

We will try to work with any insurance provider we can. If you let us know ahead of time, we can check to ensure your company is on our pre-approved list of insurance providers. However, we routinely accept the following insurance providers:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Delta of all states
  • Guardian
  • MetLife
  • Regency

Call for an Appointment or Any Dental Care Cost Questions

Valley Smiles‘s primary goal is to provide expert service and reasonable dental care costs. As a patient, if you are worried at all about your ability to pay, do not assume our services are out of your reach. Our team will always try to work with your budget. To ask questions about insurance or our financial policies, simply fill out a contact form or call us directly.

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