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A Preventative Dentistry Practice in the Renton, WA Area

The preventative dentistry practice at Valley Smiles in the Renton, Washington area gives families an office where they can get all their dental problems solved. Dental health always starts with preventative care like routine cleanings. Allowing dental problems to go unchecked only allows them to worsen. Sometimes, decay gets so bad that we must resort to more serious restorative procedures. The best way to avoid such procedures is to be diligent about preventative care. We take pride in helping entire families take care of their dental health in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Preventative Dentistry for the Entire Family

Our preventative dentistry practice has a special focus on family dentistry. Whether you need dental care for a young child or the whole family, we are prepared to assist. Our family dentistry includes all standard preventative care. When you become part of the Valley Smiles family, we take care of your teeth as if they were our very own. Our preventative techniques include:

  • Routine dental exams
  • High-quality cleanings
  • Prophylaxis cleanings
  • Application of sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Digital oral X-rays
  • Hygiene instructions
  • Nightguards
  • Oral cancer screenings
Preventive Dentistry in Renton, WA

Valley Smiles’ Dental Cleanings Will Make Your Smile Shine

Dental cleanings are the cornerstone of preventative dentistry. Routine oral hygiene at home can only do so much. A professional cleaning can remove a great deal of the plaque and tartar that accumulates in your mouth. Most dentists suggest a cleaning every six months to keep your smile free from sources of rot and decay. From the second you sit down until the cleaning is done, our team will work diligently to solve issues you cannot address at home. Then, we will provide you with our recommendation for any other work that may be necessary, such as fillings, whitening, or bonding.

Schedule Your Preventative Dentistry Appointment Today

If you don’t get routine preventative dentistry or if you are unhappy with your current provider, our office is here to make your smile as bright and healthy as it has ever been. The Valley Smiles team is here to help make dental care easy, enjoyable, and understandable. So, why wait? Call our office to schedule an appointment or fill out our contact form.

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